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There’s a Baboon in Our House! And other Manitoba Stories

FreePressHeadingley Senior Services, in partnership with Macdonald-Headingley Recreation District, submitted an application to the New Horizons for Seniors Program. The grant funding was to assist in an inter-generational project exploring family and community history.

Two objectives were to produce a thought provoking inter-generational resource that can be used in classrooms as part of history curriculum and initiating relationships or strengthen the connections between youth and seniors through interviews and conversations.

This was accomplished by publishing a book of stories generated through interviews by students and seniors supplemented with illustrations and photographs. It started with “Story Circles”, friends sitting around a table sharing their life experiences. There was much laughter and some sadness in these circles. After each story was written and carefully edited, the fourteen senior “authors’ met with Grade 3 and 4 students from Phoenix School to tell their stories. They listened carefully and asked questions, making notes to write responses.

After much hard work, a beautiful book was born!! On each page is the seniors’ story with the children’s response – old experiences and new thoughts. It was published in November 2011.