HHM Guidelines

General Guidelines 
Headingley Holiday Market


The HHM Committee is committed to ensuring the best possible experience for our artisans & crafters and our shoppers. 

Our committee carefully reviews all applications for inclusion in our Holiday Market.  Being a small venue, our objective is to ensure we include a variety of different options that will appeal to our inter-generational customer base.

We receive many more requests to participate than we can accommodate.  We greatly appreciate all who apply, however, only those chosen to participate will be contacted. 


  • All items must be handmade. No manufactured or printed items will be allowed. 
  • If more than one crafter wishes to exhibit at one table, they may only sell items listed on their application. 
  • Products containing alchohol are not permitted due to MLCC regulations. 
  • Artisans and Crafters chosen to participate will be required to donate an item, with a minimum value of $25, to our Silent Auction. This donation keeps our booth rental fees at a minimum. 
  • One (1) table and two (2) chairs will be supplied for each booth. Any other furnishings are the crafter’s responsibility but must not violate the space assignment or interfere with other displays. 
  • Electricity is available along wall booths only. Crafters must supply their own extension cords. 
  • Crafters are responsible for decorating their booths in an attractive manner. Tables must be draped to the floor and all boxes stored out of sight. Crafters must supply their own table coverings. 
  • We do not allow anything to be taped or otherwise affixed to the walls.